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Senior pedagogue - Over 40 years of experience

Ballet & Pointe work / Dancer Conditioning
Basic Pedagogy Applied to Dance / Ballet Pedagogy 
Pilates / Yoga

Professionalism - Rigour - Enthusiasm

Who am I?

A Licentiate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (London) and active member of Cecchetti Canada and Cecchetti International Classical Ballet, I was admitted to Canada's National Ballet School (NBS - Toronto) a the age of 10. I spent five years in the Professional Ballet-Academic Program before exploring other avenues which lead me to dance with a Jazz dance company and introduced me to teaching. In the summer of 1978, I returned to NBS for the Teacher Training Program, and one year later, was invited to join the school's artistic staff. I taught at NBS for four years before returning to Quebec City to marry. 

Initially senior ballet teacher and manager of the classical ballet division for Le Centre de danse Les Ballets Jazz, I became Executive and Pedagogical Director of  Le Centre de danse de Québec in 1985, renamed L'École de danse de Québec when it merged with Le Groupe Danse Partout in 1987. During my 24 years at the helm, L'EDQ was recognized as one of the province's three professional dance training institutions. I retired from L'EDQ in 2009, and following a two-year sabbatical, sailing the Atlantic Ocean with my husband, I became a freelance pedagogue in 2011.

On top of my teaching schedule, I remain very active in my profession. At the present time, I serve on the governing boards of the Réseau d'enseignement de la danse (RED) and Cecchetti Canada. 

I have authored a number of pedagogical articles, a few of which have been translated into English. I also regularly contribute to the RED's blog (French), and translate various publications from French to English and vice-versa.

Professional Resume

Pedagogical Experience (succinct)

1979-83 - Canada's National Ballet School (Toronto). Teacher in the Professional Ballet Program (Grades 6 to 10), the Teacher Training Program and Junior Division. Classical Ballet & pointe work, private coaching, pre-character.

1983-85 - Le Centre de danse Les Ballets Jazz (Quebec). Senior Ballet teacher for the Bursary Program and the Regular Sector. Manager of the Classical Ballet sector. / Compagnie Danse Partout (Quebec). Ballet teacher for this modern dance company's professional dancers.

1985-2009 - (Le Centre de danse de Québec) L'École de danse de Québec. Executive and Pedagogical Director / Ballet teacher. Under my leadership, the school became one of three professional dance training institutions in the province of Quebec, recognized by both the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education.

2011 to now - Freelance pedagogue. Guest teacher for, among others: l'École supérieure de ballet du Québec and Ballet Divertimento in Montreal, Quinte Ballet School of Canada in Belleville, DansEncorps in Moncton and Halifax Dance, as well as on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, as a guest of the Ministry of Culture. In the Quebec City area, I teach for the Dance-Academic Programs of Élédanse and QMDAssociation.

Other Realisations

1983 to now - Governing Council member and member of various committees for Cecchetti Canada, the Réseau d'enseignement de la danse (RED), the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD), the Conseil de la Culture de Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches (CCRQCA) and CAPDO. 

1987 to now - Translator of articles and documents from French to English and vice versa.

1995 - Creator and co-animator of "Terpsichore", a ten-episode series on dance, produced by Télécomm 9 (community television, Quebec).

2006 - Co-author of a seven-level dance syllabus for the recreational sector, for the Réseau d'enseignement de la danse (RED).

2008 to now - Author of pedagogical and Blog articles.

Awards & Recognition

1997 - Finalist in the Cultural Development category of Quebec City's Prix d'excellence de la Culture.

2008 - Recognized as one of 400 women having contributed to the development of Quebec society (Empreinte d'elles: 400th anniversary celebrations of Quebec City)

2008 - Laureate of the week Le Soleil - Radio-Canada (November 17), recognizing "exceptional people of the Quebec City region".

2009 - Laureate in the Arts & Culture category, the YWCA's  Femmes de mérite (Women of Distinction) Gala.

Professional Dance Training / Diplomas

1970-75 - Canada's National Ballet School (Toronto). Professional Ballet-Academic Program, grades 6 through 10. ISTD Elementary and Intermediate Cecchetti exams (currently Intermediate and Advanced 1).

1978-79 - Canada's National Ballet School (Toronto).
Teacher Training Program. Graduated after one year. ISTD Elementary and Intermediate National Dance exams (student teacher).

1980 - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (London, England). Associate & Licentiate Teaching exams, Cecchetti Society Branch.

2006 - Centre Pilates de Montréal (CPM).
Pilates Matwork Instructor Certificate.

2018 - Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)
First level certificate.

1980 to now - Always eager to acquire new technical, artistic, pedagogical, somatic and anatomical knowledge, I have participated in innumerable workshops and training sessions over the years with, among others, Cecchetti Canada, Canada's National Ballet School, the RQD, the SQDM, and including Feldenkrais, Pilates, Franklin Method and PBT.

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Photo credits: Shaun Simpson 2017 (headshot), Jim Mneymneh 2015 (blue tunic).